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Presentations given

Title Year Type Slides
A Posse of OSSEs March 2019 Invited talk  
Tools for an online presence in science March 2019 Invited talk Link
Regime-dependent biases in active satellite rainfall products December 2018 Poster  
Oceanic warm rain latent heating from CloudSat April 2018 Talk  
An observation-based assessment of instrument requirements for a future precipitation process observing system December 2017 Talk  
Designing and implementing a computational methods course for upper-level undergraduates and postgraduates in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences December 2017 Talk Link
Investigating the variability of oceanic warm rain processes July 2017 Poster Link
OpenStreetMap: A world of data May 2017 Talk Link
Oceanic warm rain latent heating’s role in Earth’s energy and water cycles April 2017 Poster  
A lean web framework for crowdsourcing April 2017 Poster Link
Investigating global oceanic warm rain processes March 2017 Poster  
Oceanic warm rain latent heating and its role in Earth’s energy and water cycles December 2016 Poster  
Developing free and open source interactive teaching tools December 2016 Poster Link
Staying on the right side: Best practices in editing: Deterring and defusing disputes September 2016 Talk Link
OSM Hall Monitor: Tracking objects, tags, and users September 2016 Talk Link
Latent heat release from warm rain and its connection to the large-scale environment August 2016 Talk  
Git-ing software and document version control May 2016 Talk Link
Anatomy of two online teaching tools using free and open source technologies May 2016 Poster Link
Warm rain latent heating retrievals and radar characteristics of microphysical processes March 2016 Talk  
A view of latent heating in warm rain systems from CloudSat March 2016 Talk  
Practices make perfect: Improved programming through software development best practices February 2016 Talk Link
A first look at warm rain latent heating from CloudSat January 2016 Poster Link
Open mapping for the entire world: OpenStreetMap March 2015 Talk Link
A shallow convection latent heating algorithm for CloudSat January 2015 Poster  
Towards a shallow convection latent heating algorithm for CloudSat November 2014 Poster  
Designing a latent heating algorithm for use with CloudSat May 2014 Poster  
Design of a warm rain latent heating algorithm for CloudSat April 2014 Talk  
Testing linear diagnostics of ensemble performance on a simplified global mode March 2011 Poster